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In this post we’ll feature 27 high-quality, grunge-style Blogger themes, All are free.

Free WordPress theme: Pixel

Pixel is a free template to use with the WordPress cms. It features a 2-3 columns layout and sports the following goodies: dropdown top menu for categories; customizable feedburner field on top right (optional – requires feedburner ID); widgets all around (6 positions); footer navigation and a transparent look. The divisions are also all made to fit standard ad formats and the welcome message on top right can also be customized through the admin panel – no need to mess into the code. (That piece of code was previously developed in part with Tim Holt, which I highly recommend) The theme has been tested and is compatible with IE6 (tolerated), IE7, IE8, FireFox 2+, Opera 9+ and Safari 3+.

Download and/or try it out…
You can try it out live right here and download it from the official WordPress directory.

Template Monster 25233

Template Monster 25233
FLA | XML | HTML | SWF | Fonts | 16.93 Mb


Rock Solid Wordpress

Rock Solid, Free WP Theme

I'm glad to say that after about 1-2 weeks of on-and-off work, my free Wordpress theme Rock Solid is now available for download to the public. I have to say I am really proud with how this theme turned out. I've always wanted to do a "dark" and "concrete-style" theme, and I think I hit the nail on the head with this one. I'll get to the features in a second, I just want to take the time to thank ViciousDuck and Eternal for helping my out with the bug testing. They spotted a few things that otherwise would've gone unnoticed.

Alright, firstly, let me go over a few of the features in this free theme:

  • Wordpress 2.6, 2.7+ Ready
  • Widget Ready
  • Gravatar Ready
  • IE 6 & 7 Compatible
  • Firefox Compatible
  • Safari Compatible
  • Opera Compatible
  • Netscape Compatible
  • Custom Post Image-Thumbails
  • Four (4) Different Theme Color Styles Available
  • Detailed Theme Options Page
  • ReadMe.txt for Help Installing the Theme
  • Fully-Layered .PSD of Each Header Color Variation + Font Used for Customization
  • Separate Comments and Trackbacks
  • Easily Editable CSS - Fully Commented
  • Web 2.0, Tableless Design
  • Best of all, it's all FREE



Design Studio Full Flash

Design Studio Full Flash Site
HTML,Fla,PSD | 3.0Mb(rar)

download links :
depositfiles or sharingmatrix

Template Monster 21402

Template Monster 21402

Sources: .FLA, .XML, .HTML, .SWF and fonts

Download: 4.96 Mb

PSD Angel with wings 2/2

PSD Angel with wings 2/2

4 PSD | 2657x1772-4167x2943 | 150-168 dpi | 183,53 Mb

part1 - part2

rapidshare for Premium only
part1 - part2

Yukon – iThemes Wordpress Theme
A really nice looking Business wordpress theme by iThemes. It has all the simple features you could want making your blog easy to get around making life for your reader much less confusing in finding what they are looking for. Yukon comes with extendable drop down menus, a Picture on the blogs homepage prefect for your businesses Logo, A choice of 8 different colour schemes from Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Plum, Red, Rust, Turquoise. A Great Business Wordpress Theme for anyone.


PSD Angel with wings 1/2

4 PSD | 2657x1772-4167x2943 | 150-168 dpi | 294,88 Mb

link1 - link2 - link3 - link4 - link5

Business Style PSD

Business style
11 PSD | +FONTS | 34mb

rapidshare - letitbit - sharingmatrix - ifolder

CKEditor is version 3.0 of FCKeditor. After nearly two years of intensive development, the first stable version of CKEditor 3.0 has finally been released.

CKEditor is a complete rewrite of our beloved FCKeditor, which got a bit old after six years of great success. Not that FCKeditor is doing wrong but there are new things we could bring him, and CKEditor is the result of it. There are dozens of new features in CKEditor.

jCore is a free, open source & multi-website CMS which is created specially for webmasters who maintain multiple websites.

It is built with PHP/ MySQL & has 2 parts:

* jCore server (main system which holds all the libraries and modules)
* jCore client (stripped version of the core system which uses the files from the server)

Some of the core features include:

* Dynamic Web 2.0 layout
* Multi site support
* Multilanguage support
* Multiple Menu Block for unlimited menu items
* WYSIWYG Content management system with attachments, pictures and comments system
* Dynamic HTML Forms
* Extensibility using Modules
* Content Codes
* RSS Feeds
* Advertisement support
* Member management
* SEO Friendly links
* Security system with Brute Force and Password Trading Protection
* Custom 404 Error and Maintenance Pages

For further extensibility there is the Modules system with some of them already implemented like:

* Photo Gallery
* File Sharing
* Contact
* Local Search engin

The system can be extended with the modules support as there are already ready-to-use ones like photo gallery or contact form.

Download Homepage

Filmstrip PSD

Filmstrip PSD
PSD | 1 File | 2598 x 1135 | 10,0 Mb RAR

TemplateMonster 14472

TemplateMonster - Website template #14472
PSD + HTML + FLA + SWF | 8.93 MB

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4
Download 5

JA Zebrina (JoomlArt)

JA Zebrina (JoomlArt)

Building on the Web 2.0 trend, JA Zebrina was created using the JAAXNew! (JA AJAX) technique, making your browsing more comfortable and faster. The AJAX technique makes web pages more responsive by exchanging data with the web server behind the scenes, instead of reloading an entire web page each time a user makes a change. After clicking any link, you do not have to leave your navigation and you can still read the content; the new page only displays after it is fully loaded. A small loading icon loading at the top right indicates that the page is responding to your click.


TemplateMonster 14470

emplateMonster - Flash template #14470
PSD + HTML + FLA + SWF | 11.05 MB

Free templates for Joomla! Design INdeziner, makeup MediaSM
Template is licensed under the GPL / GNU

Live Demo


TemplateMonster 14455

TemplateMonster - Website template #14455
PSD + HTML + FLA + SWF | 5.52 MB


Template Monster 25510

Template Monster 25510

Sources: .FLA, .HTML, .SWF and fonts

iWiccle is an online Web 2.0 platform. innovative builders specializing in social networks, blogging sites, web communities, gallery presentations, link directories, & article portals. A universal web community script written in PHP & MySQL.

Download and Homepage:

PSD Transformers (HQ)

PSD Transformers (HQ)
18 PSD + 5 Logo | ~ 4100x5100 | 300 dpi | 1,01 Gb

part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5 | part6
part7 | part8 | part9 | part10 | part11

part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5 | part6
part7 | part8 | part9 | part10 | part11

Free Blogger Template-Photoplus

Free Blogger Template-Photoplus


Rapidshare - Hotfile

Here is a small but a very great collection of 15+ Free Premium-Like WordPress Themes released in the last two months, 16 Free Wordpress themes pack all in one, enjoy!


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