CKEditor is version 3.0 of FCKeditor. After nearly two years of intensive development, the first stable version of CKEditor 3.0 has finally been released.

CKEditor is a complete rewrite of our beloved FCKeditor, which got a bit old after six years of great success. Not that FCKeditor is doing wrong but there are new things we could bring him, and CKEditor is the result of it. There are dozens of new features in CKEditor.

CKEditor is quick to load and easy to use. The development team stayed focused to provide the best performance that you can, using all the best modern practices. You’ll be amazed with him.

You will notice they also have a brand new user interface based on the Kama skin. Other than modern Kama is colored like a chameleon, so you can accurately match colors to suit your needs. This is an innovative and unique feature that you find in CKEditor only.
The CKEditor code is also much different now. It’s up to date with the new JavaScript development requirements, offering a rich and powerful integration and interaction API. The editor is totally plugin based, and it can be extended and modified in all senses to fit all needs.

Requirements: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera


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